Parrot Jumping Mini Drone

  • $160.00

Nippy, Solid, and Quick, the Jumping Sumo transforms your game-play into a humungous playground.

Controlling the Jumping Sumo is full of delighted expectations. With its wheels spread for optimised grip at breakneck speeds, or put it into compact mode for increased agility.

  • Metal
  • Agile and lightweight Jumping Race MiniDrone with embedded VGA (480X640) mini camera that sends photos and videos directly to your smartphone or tablet; microphone and speaker capture and broadcast audio
  • Adapted for high speed with large racing tires usable indoors and outdoors; reaches speeds of up to 8 mph
  • Jumps up to 2.4 feet high and always lands on its wheels; jump disables when picked up
  • Free Flight Jumping app gives you ultimate control from your smartphone or tablet
  • Removable, lithium-polymer 550mAh battery lasts up to 20 minutes and recharges in 25 minutes (with 2.6A charger, not included)